Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Jon Lester and the beeg Red Sox Trade to Oakland in the middle of a lost season. He was pitching great but the Sad Sox could not score runs and they had to get a bat from the A's. Cespedes and he is working out very well for Boston and the A's are going in the tank. Not Jon's fault. They lost a bat in their lineup! After the season, they are talking about bringing him back!
A's did not do well in playoffs - not Lester's fault. Their BP imploded. They really like him in Boston and all sorts of scenarios are brewing. Money is huge as always. Stay tuned on the travels of Jon -
Yankees? Nothing surprises me anymore. Finally wound up with the Cubbies and is doing okay - 6-8 3.32 ERA - They have a young team and are fighting SF of all places for a Wild Card. Kris Bryant may be the real deal - but - they put too much pressure on these "phenoms" They are just kids with baseball talent.