Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oracle Racing

America's Cup? Did we win this back? Amid the political intrigue?
Someone had mentioned this boat and I just had to see it. Sailing for America's Cup? A Trimaran? I guess there are separate divisions and all that jazz. It looked so powerful and radical in design. I could not even imagine riding in the damn thing. Since the painting - I heard they ran out of money and they are looking for new financing. Pretty much the sign of the times. BMW, IBM, GM and the list goes on. No one is immune!!?? Correct?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I threatened to do this and it took me long enough - putting it off and off and then it was impossible not to get it done. I love this guy. I haven't seen anything like his play ever.
I just heard the rumours from Minnesota. He brought the best out of the rest. Pierce could have languished forever as a Celtic and never won the title. With KG, his resume gets polished. All of a sudden, Pierce is an MVP? hmmm . . . KG is almost the complete player. Oh, he has his holes just like the rest of them. He just brings too much to the table. It seems to be there every night.
Very rarely does he take a night off. His personality is great and so infectious - If you could ever say someone was worth 20 million a year??? I guess I'm just too old school - (I was at the Garden before Red)