Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cass in Big Sur

Did I tell you we went to Cali in Late March? Yep. up and down the State
San Fran, Napa, San Diego and all over the state - it seemed.
Just a little rented Focus and away we went. Father/Daughter Road Trip!!
Stayed longer at my cuz's B&B in Vista. aarne@vistabandb.com
Say hello to Aarne and Marg.
Had no clue where we were and actually had to look this little spot up to find it was Little Sur LH and a state park. Of course, the whole area seemed like a state park as we drove. Could not stop enough. Over load with photo ops. After this shot, I believe I finally gave in and we used only one camera. Great trip and - if you haven't been - you gotta go. Painting I did upon return.
Digitally enhanced a bit - but - what the hey. Looks okay to me. Loved the diagonal brush - must be a hellavuh breeze.