Friday, November 19, 2010

San Francisco Peaks

San Francisco Peaks  So, we were Driving and these showed up on the horizon. We were going to drive
right through them and I was hoping not over them. Then we get sort of robbed on the other side at a gas station for tires. But that's another story - on one hand, we needed new tires, on the other, not  just then and not those FIRESTONE tires! But then, hey we were driving, things happen on the road!!


Pujols and its absolutely amazing how many people don't know this guy. In New England he's like invisible. You gotta be a devoted baseball guy to realize how good he is. What's going to be even more incredible is he will be gone and people will ask "When did he play?" Just won a Gold Glove although
I totally believe half the voters don't have a clue. They go "Who won last year? Oh, Ok - check"
Now we have the 300 million for 10 years!  I have a tough time realizing the value at the back end of his contract. Given his age. Maybe the DH will make it worthwhile with the AL and the Angels. Maybe the Northeast will get to see more of him. Most certainly.
And in 2011 - they are back in the World Series versus the Texas Rangers (making a return engagement)
AND - St Louis just won game 7 and the World Series in dramatic fashion over the Texans, Game 6 was incredible except for the fact it finished at 1:30 AM in the 11th inning and there was no way I could keep my eyes open that long!!!