Thursday, November 29, 2007


Was Jonathan the culprit? 2 Outs, 2 Strikes - couple of different times. Walk Hunter. Pitch to Guerrero. Truthfully, in the ninth, I thought JP was easy money. Should Varitek have been catching? Did Martinez have the right pitch? Way too many questions and they even go beyond this. As much as I would have liked to see them advance, they were a flawed team. This guy had problems all season. He was not a lights out closer. His numbers were similar to the past, however, he just did not dominate. It wasn't pretty. It was ghastly. The whole game was orchestrated to get to the big guy and we had Okie getting the last out, how bizarre was that? Jonathan, Jonathan - it wasn't suppose to be this way was it?11-11-11 Big Jon has opted out of The Nation  and moved to the Phillies. The new regime just did not want to pay him - 50 Million for 4 years? Something like that. He could not get the Baltimore Orioles out on the last day of the season when we really needed it to reach the playoffs. That was not a good sign. Who will take his place will be the next question - Bard? He did have some good years here and there is no doubt, Sox would not have been as successful without him.