Thursday, October 20, 2011


He may be Baaaaaaaccckkkkkk??????? Francona - what have we done here? The controversy swirls and the hits just keep coming. Personally, I believe he did a good job.However, how do you explain September collapse? There is no excuse for that train wreck. Nothing he did could pull the team back from the abyss. Once it all started South, it just kept right on going. Most of the blame is going to the pitchers (Beckett, Lester, Lackey,Wakefield) Just give me 5 innings? 4? Rumors going to Cubs with Theo?? No, Cubs hired Dale Sveum - Sox are at Bobby Valentine (Please - No) Well, what do we have here?? December and Bobby V is the new manager! Guess they don't listen to me! Tito is just going to exchange seats and become baseball analyst on the tube! This could be very interesting and Bobby could very well do a good job. Some say he will kick some butt which (it is said) the Sox definitely needed down the stretch in
September. All they needed was one stupid win in there and they
would have been in! St. Louis won the series as a wild card!