Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brady - He's Baaaaaaaaaack!!!! 6th trip? 2015

Deflategate BS!!
Brady is the MVP of the 49th Super bowl and Pats defeat Seahawks in a thriller 28-24. Great game. Brady's Back! Crazy 2015 year ended with deflategate - taking air out of footballs versus Colts! Of
course he did! Every QB does! If they don't have the footballs right where they want them - they aren't doing their jobs!! Versus the Super Bowl Champs 2014 Seahawks with old buddy
Pete Carroll at the helm. See what happens Sunday Feb 1st
Brady 2012 Super Bowl Bound vs NYGiants! Let's see what happens here in a week for this rematch! It wasn't pretty but they had the lead up until around a minute and half left in the game.  They just couldn't make a play at the end. They talk about three dropped passes and how bad the throws were.
They are actually bashing Brady even though all the throws were catchable. His worse throw was to a one legged Gronk that was intercepted. Who knows what would have happened if he was healthy?
Once again, history repeats itself and one great catch won it for the Giants. Pats needed a  lucky bounce of the ball and the game itself could have gone the other way. The winning were actually scored when the Pats allowed Bradshaw to score in order to get the ball back.
Well, I knew it was coming! But, 17 seconds into the game?? They just did not instill confidence this year. They were so inconsistent. Just way too many holes to fill. No defense, no running game, losing Welker was huge. Will he even play next year is in question. Tommy boy - what's up?
Here we go with the dreaded Ravens! Houston and Welker is not good. Possession type receiver is definitely needed. Season is in the balance here. Tommy boy has to pull one out of his hat! It is not something that has been happening here for awhile.
Buffalo was suppose to be a win and we'll take it. Defensive line decimated - patched it up and went ahead. The best part of the weekend was NY and Miami lost.
It was not a thing of beauty (Carolina win). One more off the schedule. On to BUFFALO! UGH! Randy - show up!
Next he had a baby - Now Carolina and a must win. Got that off his mind I hope. Beautiful, bouncing, baby boy.
After Miami - we are in full panic mode. There were so many opportunities to win that game, there's not enough space. What was that? Triple coverage in the end zone for a pass intercept? Not even Cooper could have caught that ball! Maybe you should kick the ball on fourth down somewhere along here? Playoffs? How about winning the next game. I don't care who it's against.  If the defense wasn't a question before, it is blatant now.
New Orleans was a bad game. Now we see the pass defense for what it is and there will be some changes made. That was awful. Many of the questions about 4th and 2 at Indy should be answered. They cannot stop a good QB. Back to the drawing board versus Miami. I'm waiting for that 3rd receiver to show up. Sam Aiken has to catch that pass - not wave at it as it goes by - GO GET IT!!!
Against the Jets, this time, they had Welker and the game was over. 15 Catches? 2 that were not caught?
Is there another receiver who sees that many balls? He just must stay healthy. Still, not the best game.
Loads of mistakes. Blocked punt and a missed FG, Maroney fumble. The O Line is a patch work. Mark LaVoir anyone? Had a couple of great plays yesterday, though. ND Alum. I never felt the Jets were going to be a problem and that first game with them was a fluke - the same goes for Denver. The Patriots should be 10-0. And they haven't played a perfect game - that's crazy.
After further review, the Indy game was not pretty, to say the least. I am trying to put the proper spin on this and I just cannot do it. Eventually, I'm a firm believer, it will work itself out. However, with the Jets on the horizon and New Orleans following, I am not supremely confident. That fourth down call will be dissected and analyzed until the cows come home. Right now, it ranks right up there with Buckner and Grady in the annals. Not a good start to the week. Right up to the last 2 minutes of that game, it had looked like a slam dunk. How quickly things turn around.
Ok, Ok, let's just stop the rhetoric. Breathe. . . Slowly, in and out. Starting to feel better? It is not the end of the world. They should have won the game. Just a couple of drops. A split second difference in one or two defensive or offensive plays and it's a whole different ballgame. An easy interception should have been made. A fumble recovery. A couple of drops. A shoe string tackle. The Jets were lucky to escape. Brady had the ball with less than 2 minutes left to go in the game - and a little of the magic had left the building. With Welker, the game is over. Half the starting team was different than last year. Edelman, Taylor, Galloway, Guyton, Springs, and Baker is a short list. Hell, Brady wasn't there last year. Ask Peyton how long it took him to get back. It's a work in process. It's going to get very interesting.
I don't suppose anyone saw the Titans game? The 5 TDs in one quarter game? The one in the snow?
That game? 59-0? And, once again, don't get too high, or, too low. Are the Patriots that good? Or, are the Titans that bad (0-6)? Combination, I suppose. Now, it's off to London to play Tampa Bay. The winless Bucs. What in the world is going to happen here? There are so many intangibles involved.
Denver was bad and the Jets have dissolved (somewhat). I still don't understand how NE lost those 2 games. Oh well, we are spoiled, I guess.
MVP 2010-11 - extremely well deserved just judging by his supporting Cast - (Moss?)