Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jim Rice, Red Sox

Jim Ed finally got in!! What a travesty making him wait so long. Final Ballot. The guy was great and the writers did not acknowledge it. You cannot tell me some sort of prejudice did not play a part. I'm not flipping the race card here. There's always extenuating circumstances. His demeanor might have been a factor. Whatever it was - forget the numbers - defense was there as well and I love the 3 left fielders in 50 years scenario. Great player. Great to watch. And he's from South Carolina!!!! What's not to like there??

Monday, February 02, 2009


No disrespect to Mr Holmes and his catch for the Steelers - but - last year - Tyree was just in another world. How he made this catch is incredible. It is not as if he wasn't covered. He's practically being undressed by Harrison. As I've said before, "Rodney, just knock the ball out!!!" Everything else that went on before or after this catch (Manning, Plaxico) was superfluous to these acrobatics. And Tyree did not play this year? Will he ever have another moment? Has he reached the much sought after nadir? Will Harrison? After another injury plagued year? Questions to ponder on this morning after.