Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oracle Racing

America's Cup? Did we win this back? Amid the political intrigue?
Someone had mentioned this boat and I just had to see it. Sailing for America's Cup? A Trimaran? I guess there are separate divisions and all that jazz. It looked so powerful and radical in design. I could not even imagine riding in the damn thing. Since the painting - I heard they ran out of money and they are looking for new financing. Pretty much the sign of the times. BMW, IBM, GM and the list goes on. No one is immune!!?? Correct?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I threatened to do this and it took me long enough - putting it off and off and then it was impossible not to get it done. I love this guy. I haven't seen anything like his play ever.
I just heard the rumours from Minnesota. He brought the best out of the rest. Pierce could have languished forever as a Celtic and never won the title. With KG, his resume gets polished. All of a sudden, Pierce is an MVP? hmmm . . . KG is almost the complete player. Oh, he has his holes just like the rest of them. He just brings too much to the table. It seems to be there every night.
Very rarely does he take a night off. His personality is great and so infectious - If you could ever say someone was worth 20 million a year??? I guess I'm just too old school - (I was at the Garden before Red)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gold Glove, MVP, Petey, Pedroia

Pedroia. Tremendous season for the little guy. I lost track of the number of categories he led in both
offensive and defensive stats (you could look it up). I think he made 6 errors. Batted clean up for several games and made people forget about Manny (Well, not really) No one could fill that hole.
Rated as high as a second baseman can get and was really at the top of his game for the stretch run in September and October. When everyone was falling apart around him, his consistency was what carried the team for any number of games. When you talk indispensible, it starts here. Lowell was gone, Ortiz was gone, Manny, Drew, Varitek - It all started chipping away while Pedroia took his normal slot at 2b. I doubt he'll get the AL MVP because of the ridiculous bias of the voters - however - you absolutely cannot deny his accomplishments.
So where do we go from here? 2011 10-4 - No Tito - his famous cribbage partner. Does Pedroia assume
a different role? Does he really get a chance to step up? Grizzled veteran. Is there no one in the clubhouse that can shake this team up? C'mon Petey - deck someone! Get them on the same page.
Ortiz cannot do it! He's a cheerleader with his name always out front. That's what he wants. 
Smiling face or glum face - that's Ortiz. He is not a leader - he could be - but it's not happening.
If he's the face of the franchise, then we have problems. There were no clutch hits this year.
That's in the past. If the last game was a microcosm of the season well, Ortiz' last at bat with a 
roller 6 inches in front of the plate is all that. David - a fly ball is all we needed. Ells on 3rd,
GET HIM IN!!! Ball game over!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Casco Bay

 Couple of weeks ago, we went out to a lobsterfest on one of the islands. Had a great time.
Probably stayed longer than we should have but they promised fireworks and shots like this.
We really could not resist. Something about twilight on the coast. The colors are just incredible just before darkness falls. Believe me, it wasn't too much longer until these three were virtually
invisible in the dark. We ferried back to the mainland and I could not see 2 feet in front on the boat. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cass in Big Sur

Did I tell you we went to Cali in Late March? Yep. up and down the State
San Fran, Napa, San Diego and all over the state - it seemed.
Just a little rented Focus and away we went. Father/Daughter Road Trip!!
Stayed longer at my cuz's B&B in Vista.
Say hello to Aarne and Marg.
Had no clue where we were and actually had to look this little spot up to find it was Little Sur LH and a state park. Of course, the whole area seemed like a state park as we drove. Could not stop enough. Over load with photo ops. After this shot, I believe I finally gave in and we used only one camera. Great trip and - if you haven't been - you gotta go. Painting I did upon return.
Digitally enhanced a bit - but - what the hey. Looks okay to me. Loved the diagonal brush - must be a hellavuh breeze.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Clemens seems to be making a few headlines today and for the past couple of months. I just thought I would post him to make him feel a little better. Where he goes and what he does in the weeks, months, years ahead is somewhat of a controversy. Is this the poster child of the steroid era along with the Bonds, the Cansecos, the McGwires, and the whole list of others listed in the Mitchell Report? It seems like it's never ending. However, when talking about the history of baseball over the past 100 years or so, the Steroid Era of the last 10 years certainly seems to overshadow the rest. For better or worse, Clemens has definitely left an imprint on the sport whether it be with his character or his athletic prowess.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sea Pines

Sea Pines down in South Carolina. Trip went great and I strolled out the day of departure and took this shot. Very nice place and extremely quiet. The Drifter is an excursion boat and rented out for day trips. Too short of stay for that type of adventure. Would have loved to explore the islands more. Maybe next time. Tried several different layouts for this pic and the first one seemed the best. How come it seems to work out that way?

Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is O'Meara after several unsuccessful attempts to load this - I believe I finally did it.
Great and Thanks to ole perfessor Dragonette. I'm just getting the hang of this and I believe we are off and running. Okay ? Just a thought here and I stand to be corrected. I thought this was the US Open. Further research has unearthed the fact that during this year, O"Meara won the British Open, the Masters and  came in third in the US Open. He did have an incredible year though and this seems like a fitting shot - US Open or not,  I just thought, with the topographical format - there's noway this is the British Open.  However, the British do have a tendency to call their tournament - The Open. Hmmmm . . .

Friday, January 25, 2008