Monday, November 10, 2008

Gold Glove, MVP, Petey, Pedroia

Pedroia. Tremendous season for the little guy. I lost track of the number of categories he led in both
offensive and defensive stats (you could look it up). I think he made 6 errors. Batted clean up for several games and made people forget about Manny (Well, not really) No one could fill that hole.
Rated as high as a second baseman can get and was really at the top of his game for the stretch run in September and October. When everyone was falling apart around him, his consistency was what carried the team for any number of games. When you talk indispensible, it starts here. Lowell was gone, Ortiz was gone, Manny, Drew, Varitek - It all started chipping away while Pedroia took his normal slot at 2b. I doubt he'll get the AL MVP because of the ridiculous bias of the voters - however - you absolutely cannot deny his accomplishments.
So where do we go from here? 2011 10-4 - No Tito - his famous cribbage partner. Does Pedroia assume
a different role? Does he really get a chance to step up? Grizzled veteran. Is there no one in the clubhouse that can shake this team up? C'mon Petey - deck someone! Get them on the same page.
Ortiz cannot do it! He's a cheerleader with his name always out front. That's what he wants. 
Smiling face or glum face - that's Ortiz. He is not a leader - he could be - but it's not happening.
If he's the face of the franchise, then we have problems. There were no clutch hits this year.
That's in the past. If the last game was a microcosm of the season well, Ortiz' last at bat with a 
roller 6 inches in front of the plate is all that. David - a fly ball is all we needed. Ells on 3rd,
GET HIM IN!!! Ball game over!