Monday, March 17, 2008

Sea Pines

Sea Pines down in South Carolina. Trip went great and I strolled out the day of departure and took this shot. Very nice place and extremely quiet. The Drifter is an excursion boat and rented out for day trips. Too short of stay for that type of adventure. Would have loved to explore the islands more. Maybe next time. Tried several different layouts for this pic and the first one seemed the best. How come it seems to work out that way?

Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is O'Meara after several unsuccessful attempts to load this - I believe I finally did it.
Great and Thanks to ole perfessor Dragonette. I'm just getting the hang of this and I believe we are off and running. Okay ? Just a thought here and I stand to be corrected. I thought this was the US Open. Further research has unearthed the fact that during this year, O"Meara won the British Open, the Masters and  came in third in the US Open. He did have an incredible year though and this seems like a fitting shot - US Open or not,  I just thought, with the topographical format - there's noway this is the British Open.  However, the British do have a tendency to call their tournament - The Open. Hmmmm . . .